With a more holistic approach, the centre has a social model approach towards diversity. All year round workshops and training for systems that hold a child are carried out.



Psychological Assessment

The process of psychological assessment aims at identifying the root cause of the problems that parents bring to us. In the society where the question “why is my child not like other children?” haunts parents, psychological…

Parent Guidance Counseling

Centre of Inclusive Care has made emotional support for parents an integral part of its Programme – It is only natural for parents to want and watch their child grow up, succeed, and live…

Access Arrangement

At CIC the process of assessment becomes the front line for helping the parents acclimatize with their child’s individual needs, develop empathy with better understanding of the dynamics…

Sight Reading Program

Most of the schools in Pakistan focus more on the phonics method when it comes to reading. CIC besides the phonic route have drawn inspiration from the tried and tested Sight Reading Program, of…

Movement and Expressive Art Therapy

This is an unconventional social therapeutic play program which brings about the motivation to move beyond the learned capacities, reorganizing and rewiring neural pathways in the brain for holistic…


Occupational Therapy

At CIC our goal of occupational therapy is to help children with special needs improve their quality of life at home, in school and other environments. The therapist helps introduce, maintain, and improve skills so that…


At CIC we provide therapeutic holding for clients in emotional distress as well as those wishing to achieve a heightened sense of awareness in their lives in order to make clearer and more fruitful decisions.

Trainings and Workshops

We offer Certificate trainings such as Interweave, Empowering Minds and others to equip teachers and parents in better aiding the children under their care. These certificate trainings…

Parent Support Groups

Parent Support Groups are a further extension of the Parent Guidance Counseling programme at the Centre of Inclusive Care and is intended for the emotional support of parents. It is only natural for parents to want to watch their child grow up, succeed, and…

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy is not only about the way we talk and speak, but more importantly the way we use communication to be part of a society or gathering, school or a workplace, at restaurant, a food outlet or other social situations. Speech manifests the sound system of communication and language.

Counseling and Training for Schools

It is difficult to teach a subject as well as take care of the emotional needs of a classroom full of children. And it is also inversely true that without connecting with children or…

Couple Counseling

At CIC we provide Couples Counselling for individuals seeking to improve their relationships with their spouses. Relationships can be difficult and we at CIC understand..


Remedial Therapy

The focus of the therapy is on assisting individuals who suffer from conditions that interfere with learning and those with language and reasoning challenges such as dyslexia (difficulty with reading, writing, and spelling) and…

Online Counseling

We understand that people may not always be available on sight hence our therapists are also available online and can provide you with counseling services via video call.

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