The Centre provides services right from diagnostics to intervention and treatment for individuals struggling with physical, emotional or latent challenges.

Parent Guidance

We help parents prepare for and decide the specific journey of growth they wish to take for their children as well as provide emotional support…


We are a multidisciplinary therapy centre offering a variety of therapies to address a wide range of needs across the spectrum…


We understand that people may not always be available on sight hence our therapists are also available online and can provide you with counseling…

Trainings and

We offer certificate trainings and workshops such as Interweave, Empowering Minds, Family Art Therapy as well as many others…

We offer a stepping stone for those in need

With a more holistic approach, the centre has a social model approach towards diversity. All year round workshops and trainings for systems that hold a child or an individual are carried out to provide a more supporting environment to address the attitudinal barriers and environmental barriers of inclusion.



"When I think of CIC I think of compassion and commitment. It's a venture of the heart. Every client is treated to the best, be it neurological difference, mental health, parent's support group, community outreach or simple counseling. Every member on the team works to the best of their abilities because that is what CIC strives for."

Fawzia Salahuddin


"CIC has the warmth and care which everyone needs. CIC's team is a safe place for many people."

Noor Shaikh


"For me, CIC is an inclusive space which has always been so much understanding and accommodating towards me. It has been one of my safe spaces to which I have always felt comfortable coming. I am glad to have met a number of individuals such as Ms. Aysha Jamall, the head of CIC, herself. CIC is one of those spaces I will always treasure!"

Ammad Siddiqui


"Aysha S. Jamall and her team have helped our family enormously, the therapy service and remediation, has proved most effective and can be observed in my child's overall performance. The staff at CIC is friendly and highly recommended."

Nuvaira Dhedhi


"When I think of CIC I think of a place of help and support, a place with solutions to the problems we face in life."

Dr Rubeena




"Working at the Centre of Inclusive Care (CIC) has been quite a journey. It has been a place which works tirelessly towards building a community; a community that not just supports but also advocates inclusion. It is through this community we wish to continue to pave the path towards growth and well-being."

Aamna Zuberi

Clinical Psychologist

"Centre of Inclusive Care is an incredible place to work at. Not only is the multidisciplinary team highly skilled - they are warm, welcoming and a pleasure to work with. There is a lot of potential to expand one's skill set and grow in their profession at CIC. Thank you Aysha for providing us with such an amazing platform!"

Fareeha Syeda Ziyan

Head of Special Education Needs

"CIC is a place where I get a great degree of control and freedom in exploring my work. A place where everyone works in collaboration and shares the same vision."

Hira Shafi

Occupational Therapist


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