We hold the systems that hold the child.


We hold the systems that hold the child.


Centre of Inclusive Care is an endeavor to create and work towards a more inclusive society. The Centre has a multidisciplinary team of professionals who believe passionately about working collaboratively. Aysha S. Jamall the Chief Care Officer of the Centre and Co-Founder believes in a systemic approach to intervention. The Centre caters to Psycho Social needs by understanding its clients’ individual and collective situation and their personal challenges.

Aysha S. Jamall

Aysha S. Jamall is the Co-Founder and Chief Care Officer at the Centre of Inclusive Care. A Psychotherapist and Remedial Therapist by profession she has more than fifteen years of experience in Education Management apart from running projects promoting inclusion in the city. She is also one of the pioneers in setting up a Special Needs Department in a reputed school in Karachi. Aysha has always felt the need for collaborative work in her community. It is her belief that the impact that comes from working with a social model in mind creates a ripple effect which compels us to show curiosity about human potential. She feels privileged to have a team who shares her dream to work with systems that can bring about change.

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