Centre of Inclusive Care becomes a Project Partner with The Jena Declaration

Centre of Inclusive Care is proud to announce their association with The Jena Declaration in the capacity of Project Partner.


The Jena Declaration is a set of principles supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) calling for a significant shift in our approach to sustainability.


The declaration urges individuals to take meaningful action to achieve the UN Sustainable Goals by providing guidelines for action which emphasize that meaningful, sustainable change requires individuals and communities to alter their everyday routines, practices, and mindset. 


The declaration champions the idea that solutions must grow from the bottom up, driven by the collective power of local initiatives. It highlights the richness of cultural and regional diversity as a starting point for a naturally balanced way of life, and also stresses the importance of creative solutions from the arts, humanities, and civil society in shaping sustainable futures. It also underscores the need for learning from one another, particularly empowering young people to play a strong role in envisioning and designing a different future. Read the complete declaration here.


A meeting took place between the Founder of The Jena Declaration and UNESCO Chair on Global Understanding of Sustainability, Benno Werlen, and our Senior Holistic Care Officer and Head of Special Education Needs, Fareeha Syeda Ziyan, where the collaboration was onboarded.


The MOU was signed on 17th October 2023, with the areas of collaboration including: the improvement of inclusion of children with special education needs in Pakistan through awareness campaigns and personalized services; promoting mental and holistic well-being with multidisciplinary services; advocating ethical practices in mental health; and providing personal and professional development opportunities for mental health and allied practitioners. The collaboration also seeks to raise awareness about The Jena Declaration in Pakistan.


CIC is also an Institutional Signatory to the Jena Declaration. View the signature here.

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